We have more free form natural members than others but today´s post is all about the dread locs. I went on a rampage looking for tips on how to care for dreadlocs and found this easy peasy tips online(Inspired Locs). So read on and enjoy… Locs are believed to have originated from Jamaica with the […]

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Tips to Preventing Breakage during Transition

The process of slowly transitioning from relaxed to natural tresses, rather than Big Chopping (cutting off the relaxed ends at a time), can be frustrating some times, but highly rewarding, especially if maintaining length is top priority. I always advice ladies who want to transition to first get enough knowledge before they venture in order […]

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Tope’s Testimony

I finally succeeded at connecting with my hair and I tell you it felt so good that I slept through the process of getting my hair done + my hairdresser was happier too. She kept asking “what did you do?” While I kept smiling. Thanks for making it a lot easier NHB!   PART 2 […]

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Over at our Facebook Group, a lot of our members are rocking Teeny weeny afros, some just did the big chop and other members with long hair have them day dreaming …which is not a bad thing of course but we tend to get sidetracked by that dream. However, short hair can be totally sexy […]

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The Exclusive Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

  Have you used virgin coconut oil on your hair? Wow! How I love the feel! The first time i applied it on my braid out i felt heavenly! It’s so cool and soothing and i loved the fact that it made my hair softer. I have been using ordinary coconut oil the one you […]

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My Customers are all going gaga since I started mixing oils for treatment on them, and my oil mixture is selling like *Visa*…. All thanks to this wonderful group, Babes You all Rock!!!!!!!! Ini Offong Kerr,     United Kingdom

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Ekwy’s Testimony

  Am loving the journey so far, thank you all for all the tips especially the ACV treatment for dandruff, it works like magic! Big hugs to you all, NHB ROCKS!!!   Ekwy Uyammadu Chidueme USA.  

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Benefits of Carrot Oil to Hair

  Derived from the seeds of carrot plants, carrot seed oil has an earthy aroma. This gentle oil is reputed to have antibacterial and healing properties, according to “Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals,” and can help infuse your dry skin, scalp and hair with needed moisture. Whether you choose to use it on its own, in […]

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Remedy for Early Grey Hair

  You can overcome early grey hair with this simple but effective natural therapy. Add 4-5table spoons of coconut oil in a sauce pan or pot,  Slice fresh curry leaves and add to the oil in the pot Allow to heat for 15mins, Sieve out oil an apply to the hair.. A constant application of […]

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Natural Home Remedies for Dandruff

    There are so many ways to fight dandruff but we will list the most popular ones that have worked for many people here.     Apple cider vinegar 1. Take one part apple cider vinegar and mix it with one part water. Wash your hair normally, then pour vinegar-water mixture carefully onto hair […]

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