NHB’s Ibadan Natural Hair Meet Up

Do  you live in Ibadan?  If yes, are you getting married on the 20th of September 2014?  If not then you have no reason been absent at the 1st ever Natural hair Meet up in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Do you suffer from incessant hair loss, thinning and breakage? Is your front hair all stripped off due to relaxer burns, hair dryer effects, constant Ghana weaving, fixing weave- on etc?

Are you the type that never wears your natural hair out for the fear of been ridiculed by friends? And always on weave-on and hair extensions without a break?

Do you suffer from premature grey hair, baldness, dandruff and all kinds of hair issues? Have you ever wondered when you will ever wear your natural hair freely without fear of stigmatization?

The solution has come. Do you realize that with proper care and a definite natural hair regimen you could get back your hair and wear it proudly on the streets?

Do you also know that stopping relaxer applications permanently and wearing your hair natural  devoid of chemicals could be the right step in attaining a gorgeous and healthy hair? That you could even grow to waist length when stretched despite the myth that African hair can’t grow to such length?

Do you know rather than the normal washing and setting and sitting under the dryer which goes further to cause more damage to your hair you can ditch the relaxer completely and go all natural to achieve heat-less and natural curls with your virgin hair.

Are you also aware that with the application of a natural plant dye you could condition and strengthen your hair leaving it jet black shinny and bouncy without side effects?

And so on.. the list is endless..

Now you may be wondering who am i and why this long speech? Well am Louisa Ekwy Michael, I had my hair relaxed but not healthy cos i suffered from breakage and my hair was uneven as a result, i was not pleased with it so i went searching for a better alternative till i discovered that wearing my hair natural could help maintain an even and healthy hair so i decided to transition to full natural hair and ever since then i have been happier with my hair.

And not just that i decided to let my fellow sisters know that they could ditch the chemicals and live chemical free lives too so i hopped on to Face book and opened a group known today as Natural Hair Babes.

I am blessed to be joined by a group of wonderful women who together are piloting the ship of this great group, they are all natural hair care practitioners, they are the Admin of the NHB, they are San,  Cordilia, Winnie, Chinwe, Tola and also deeply passionate and dedicated to the cause.

With the love flowing from the Admin members and such rare dedication to a non-profit venture, we have been able to record high success, we have an uncountable number of women who have decided to go all natural with their hair either by doing the big chop(cutting off their relaxed hair in order to start the journey of healthy hair) And not just that alone we have so many testimonies of ladies whose hair have been transformed just by getting in contact with this group.


Hear a few of them-

———I’ve always thought having and rocking  natural hair is like the most impossible thing to do but the last 2 weeks have spent in this group proved me totally wrong. Seeing NHB ladies looking really glam n gorgeous with their natural hair has given me a strong reason to ditch chemicals n say hello to nature.I want my natural hair back so bad and have decided to do a transition for my hair(I don’t have the liver (heart) for BC, lol). Wish me luck:)-

Garcia ‘Sparkles’.


———-God bless NHB. Although I have always been natural, this group motivated me to attempt to grow my hair and so far the growth is amazbals. —   Biafuru Okafor- Yarwood,-      Kenya


————–This is one of the best groups on Face Book and I say that as a matter of fact….

Temitope Akande Akwara


———–Indeed the Admins of NHB  have a lot of patience! Lolz! Thanks admin! My hair has grown at least one inch since I joined which is a little over a month. Must say its a miracle or just NHB rocks!   –

Victoria Duru Asiegbu

Port harcourt, Nigeria.


———-Thanks a million my darling NHB esp our ever able admins .. I can now make my daughters hair without her yelling as if I want to use her for sacrifice. You won’t believe I made my daughters hair today (am not an expert though) and there was no yelling..no fighting..no neighbors asking what is going on. My 4 year old’s hair has never ever known relaxer yet so soft n manageable now..God bless u my NHB, long live NHB!

===Chinyere Odinma

Airdrie Alberta, Canada.


——–I always thought i had ugly hair till I joined this group,thanks for the tips,this is the best group ever!   ===

Gee Ngoetjana   South Africa.


We have our hair meet up centers in various cities of the world- We had a meet up event in Portharcourt on the 31st of May and also in Abuja same day, The NTA was there to cover the event and it was awesome, we were able to tell the world that natural hair could be classy.


Then in June this year i was a guest in the morning show Your View with Yeni Kuti and co where i explained to viewers just how easy it was to maintain natural hair against the wide belief that it’s more expensive to care for than the chemical hair and i tell you, that same day we had about  2 thousand ladies join our group. Yes, the revolution is on, i tell you, the Natural hair revolution!

Natural hair babes as a group was founded on the 13th of January 2014 barely 7months old and today we are 40 thousand members and still counting..members join by the minutes.

And also this month’s (July)Edition of Mom’s magazine featured us (Admin members)  where we talked about our peculiar hair stories.

On the 2nd of August 2014, we held a natural hair conference in Lagos and it was awesome! Here’s a summary of the event details by SUN Newspaper one of Nigeria’s best national dailies on August 26th 2014-


Now it has come to the turn of Ibadan to host a Natural hair meet up. This event promises to be fun!



It’s an event not worth missing

First we have early bird gifts for those who will be there at the exact time of the event.

——A natural hair beauty contest (first of its kind) where NHB’s will dazzle attendees with various natural hair styles.——–I will be revealing top secrets  to retaining length and  also how to succeed generally in your healthy hair journey.

———A wide variety of natural hair products and at good discount too!

It’s a day you won’t forget in a hurry!!

Mark the date in your calendar, tell your friends, share this page, its great fun waiting to happen!

Venue- A hotel in Bodija


Date- 20th September, 2014.

Gate fee -N500

We want to plan well, so would need an accurate number of attendees, please if you are interested and are sure you’ll be there kindly send a message with the words- ”I WILL BE THERE ” to the email address below and the full address will be sent to you.


Thank you.


See you there!!!