Often times we talk about the need to include glycerin in your spray bottle to help with moisture retention in your hair. We also stress about one thing working differently for two people regardless of hair type.

Now we need to understand how glycerin works.

Glycerin is a great humecant as it helps hair stay moisturized by taking moisture to your strands. Glycerin can also be very drying to your hair too. It attracts water molecules from the air into your hair right? So imagine if you live in a really dry place, it would take the moisture out of your hair which in all righteousness is still doing its work…just not the way you want it to.

What am I saying exactly? Well …it all boils down to your hair. Glycerine being a great humecant is usually …for lack of a better word…prescribed to naturals with low porosity. So if your hair absorbs moisture pretty well then you might want to skip glycerine.

Have you conducted a porosity test? What have you noticed about your glycerin? Share with us