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Louisa Ekwy Michael.


Louisa is a Nigerian who lives in Lagos. She’s an Entrepreneur, a Motivational speaker and a healthy hair enthusiast with a background in natural living. She decided to wear her hair natural after several bouts with breakage and thinning. Her passion is helping other Africans as well as women of color all over the world achieve optimal healthy hair through a natural lifestyle. She has helped many women adopt a healthy hair regimen and overcome incessant shedding and constant hair loss. Her dream is to see a good number of African women rock their own hair naturally. She is passionate about communicating positivity, hope, joy and faith in God. Being a wife and mother of three lively boys, she is so excited by family life and virtues as well as this medium’s great capacity to inspire and be a catalyst for change. Support her in this crusade by connecting with her and her group Natural Hair Babes on Facebook. Check out the testimonies of ladies from all over the world on their contact with this great hair forum.


Winnie Udechukwu

An Economist, Entrepreneur and a Nigerian living in Kharkov Ukraine. Experienced in the banking sector, Media and presently runs an online bridal company(DIVO & DIVA)…Winnie’s mighty quote is:YOU ARE FULL OF POSSIBILITIES. For Winnie, going natural has been the best thing that has happened to her, the journey has been amazing and inspiring, at first it was something she dared but coupled with the unhealthy state and damages her hair suffered as a result of relaxer application, she took the bold step and determined to go natural and today it has indeed made her a spotlight diva that has encouraged others to take same step and seeing them get mind blowing results.


Adanze Osinachi

Currently a healthcare Assistant and a Nigerian living in Dublin, Rep of Ireland. A wife and a mother of beautiful kids. She has worked in a private sector in Nigeria. She was inspired by the piece she read on NATURAL HAIR BABES on Facebook before joining the group. She took a bold step to go natural at the end and have not looked back . She has had pros and cons while on relaxer but the experience is nothing to compare with her decision to go natural even her little girl is a naturalista. She’s indeed much happy and encouraged.


Mary Kaey

Tips to getting soft natural hair

Tips to getting soft natural hair









Mary Kaey is a high school grad,an amateur singer and music lover. She wears her natural hair with as an inspiration to teenagers out there..to let them know that our kinks are beautiful and unique in a way..the way Mother Nature wanted it to be.





Baunelah Muchimba