Going all natural- How do i start?

Starting a healthy natural hair journey

Caring for your natural hair is dedication, loving the hair and having patience. African type of hair falls under the type 4 category, this ranges from 4a,b and c, at times we get some 3c as well.

These types are determined by the natural curl pattern of our hair, normally identified on wet hair or when u have gel in your hair. Its very important to know your hair type when u embark on this journey, because the different types actually absorb nutrient differently.

After you have identified your hair type, its vital to know your porosity levels. Porosity is the ability of ones hair to absorb moisture. Some people have very tight cuticles, which makes it difficult for moisture to penetrate the shaft, others have open cuticles so moisture penetrates easily.

Tight cuticles is low porosity levels while open cuticles is high porosity, some cuticles are normal meaning moisture goes in and out as it should. To know your porosity take a bowl of water or a cup or even a glass, take a couple of strands of hair in the water, if it floats you have low porosity, if it sinks u have high porosity, and if its neither floating or sinking, you have balanced porosity.

After you have settled your type and porosity levels, you know have a guide for your journey, our hair needs moisture, its naturally too dry, so moisture is what we need to boost it, moisture can be fed to the hair through a daily spritz , which is a mix if 80% water 10% vegetable glycerine 10% oils, e.g olive, sesame seed, hemp,lavender, you can also include aloe vera juice and some Vit E oil, put in an empty spray bottle and spray your hair at intervals.

Also moisture can be fed to hair through hot oil treatment. This treatment leaves the hair well moisturized. Its done by taking 2tbsp of olive oil, 2tbsp castor oil, 2tbsp coconut oil (u can use any oil u got, even your veg oil and palm oil, hemp oil, almond oil etc) place in an aluminum plate and place over a pot of boiling water when the oil gets hot, hot enough to handle, apply on scalp, through to hair tips, cover with plastic bag, or cling film, keep on for one hour and rinse remember to wash your hair with sulphate-free shampoo first.

You can also feed moisture to your hair with a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment,  but if u find in shops fine. A good example of a moisturizing deep conditioning is
1 Over ripe banana
3Tbsp honey
1/2 Over ripe avocado
2Tbsp olive oil
2Tbsp aloe vera gel.

Mix all ingredients in a blender, and blend to a smooth paste, apply to freshly washed hair, cover with shower cap, u can even place a warm towel on top the shower cap, leave on for one hour, and rinse off. Many more recipes in files. Those are the different ways you can feed moisture to your hair. Spritz is everyday, deep conditioning once a week and hot oil treatment twice a month.
You can also follow the LOC method to put and retain moisture to your hair. Liquid,(could be water or leave in conditioner ) , oil and cream. The best cream we got is Shea mix, which is basically mixing raw Shea butter and your oils. The LOC method should be a daily thing.
As much as our hair needs moisture, so does it need protein. Our hair is made up of keratin, which is a natural protein. But the moment it grows out, it is exposed to conditions that diminishes the keratin, and also years of chemicals, and heat destroy the keratin, when that happens, all u see is breakage because the hair has lost its stamina, we can replenish that keratin with protein deep conditioning, u can use egg whites, olive oil, mayo, yogurt, mix and apply just as the moisture dc above. You will need to strike a balance between both protein and moisture, over use of one could still lead to breakage.

Also adopting a good night regime is essential. Always spritz, apply your oil, cover with silk scarf and sleep, silk scarf helps retain the moisture, sleeping on a cotton pillow case will just drink all the moisture and u will wake up with a dry hair. Keeping your moisture level will stop breakage.

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    pls what do u mean by olive oil….Is it annointing oil or serum

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