Canola oil is widely known as edible oil but do you know that it is highly beneficial for your hair? Its low content of saturated fats and a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids make it highly essential in natural hair care. I have used this oil and I can testify to its softening abilities for those of us desiring softer hair.

And where are our babes complaining of dryness? This is one of the oils you need to incorporate into your hair regimen. Unsaturated fatty acids in canola oil possess strong moisturizing properties that will leave your hair well moisturized.
Some people even say that canola oil coats your hair better than some store bought oils, its so because its texture is very light and it easily penetrates the hair scalp. Canola oil penetrates the shaft of the hair and moisturizes it from inside. Sterols in canola oil recover damaged cells, and also for babes who complain of split ends, it has this capability because it’s rich in vitamin E, which we know protects the hair from further damage. Use canola oil regularly to achieve the effect and to make your hair stronger, softer and silky. Canola oil is not expensive and available for everyone.
The main ways to use this oil for hair health are as follows:
– Use it with other oils (eg extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, black seed virgin coconut etc) for hot oil treatment
– Massage your scalp with it
– You can prepare hair mask with it too
You can apply canola oil alone or mix with other oils. It is also a good idea to add a few drops of essential oils e.g. rosemary, tea tree (for dandruff) to canola oil for hair care. Canola oil is perfect carrier oil. Rosemary oil, lavender oil and others may make canola oil more effective and add some benefits to its oil application for hair.

Method 1
Mix the same amount of canola oil, extra virgin olive oil (3 tbsp of each oil will be enough) and warm them up. Apply the mixture onto the scalp and the hair. Remember coating the hair ends with the oil as well as they are usually dry and need moisturizing. Massage for 10 minutes and after that leave the oil on the hair for 2 hours more. Wash your hair afterwards.

Method 2
If you have dandruff and don’t know how to eliminate it you can combine canola oil with tea tree oil. Take 10 parts of canola oil and 3 parts of tea tree oil and apply hot oil treatment regularly for several weeks. If you notice hair loss, mix the equal amounts of canola oil with olive oil, black seed or sunflower and add or rosemary/peppermint essential oils. Hot oil treatment with this mixture will make your hair stronger and stop hair fall.

Method 3
You can prepare this strange but effective hair mask with canola oil. Mix the same quantity of canola oil and mayonnaise thoroughly. Add 6drops of peppermint or rosemary oil each for a nice smell. Apply it on the hair and cover the head with a shower cap. Leave for 2 hours and wash the hair after that.
Hope this helps, if you try any of the methods do let us know the outcome. Happy hair grooming babes!!!



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