Retaining length to ensure hair growth

There is no magic to these things, if you care for your hair in a healthy way, it will grow long, and most importantly you retain length as all hair grow half an inch every month, so your hair grows but the issue is you are not retaining length because your hair is breaks, and when the tip breaks and falls off, it looks like your hair is not growing but it does, so we would be looking at how to retain length.

How to retain length

To retain length, first and foremost you need moisture. It is just like planting a seed in a dry soil, it will not grow, you must water it for it to germinate and start yielding fruits so also is our hair, we can’t do without water, water is basic. So your spritz bottle, comes in handy, spritz! spritz!spritz! Spritz your hair at intervals, then in the morning and night apply your oil and cream, this is the LOC method, LOC simply means, Liquid, Oil and Cream, when you spritz your hair with water, you apply oil, then cream to trap in the moisture, doing this frequently ensures optimum growth, there are no two ways to these things. Then weekly you do a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment, if you really want to see change in your hair, then you must deep condition your hair weekly.

Pre poo(this simply means apply these before you shampoo) with virgin coconut oil/olive oil- this helps retain it’s protein level thus prevent damage. It also limits the amount of strand absorbed preventing wear and tear.

Deep condition with a moisturizing deep conditioner and generating natural heat with your shower cap and wrap a towel over it for added heat/moisture.

Do not use towel to wipe your hair after a wash, it causes frizz and breakage because your hair at that time is at it’s weakest phase.

Refrigerate your leave-in-conditioner, as cold leave-in will help seal your hair’s cuticle after washing while also increasing the shine in your hair.

By: San Lucrese Bilong

Very important, apply water, spritz as much as possible. Water helps in opening the cuticle. Always apply a leave in conditioner any time you just apply water on your hair. Water is the only 100% pure moisturizer for our hair. After applying moisture, you then seal the hair. Use Shea butter or even castor oil to seal.

2 cups of raw shea butter
1 cup of coconut cream or raw cocoa butter
1/2 cup aloe vera gel or juice
1tbsp jojoba oil
1tbsp Jamaican black castor oil
1tbsp of Indian hemp oil(if you don’t have these oils, you can substitute with any).
mix all to a smooth paste say in an electric mixer. This is perfect even for you twist out. perfect for sealing your ends and moisturizing.

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