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There’s something i noticed, so many ladies see a head of well defined curls and quickly ask the owner- What did you use? Well, it’s a good question but i would love our newbies to note that what works for Miss A may not work for Miss B.

All you need is to know how your hair feels, porosity level etc, this will determine how easily it absorbs products. Study and learn about your hair and try different products, with time you will definitely know the one that works best for you and stick to it.

This has worked for me. Then to curls, we all love curls, some ladies, like our own Cordy Parrish only apply Shea butter and olive oil and the curls pops while some like me must apply a gel or curling custard before we can achieve curls.

And like i told them at the Lagos conference, some do wash and go by applying applying Eco styler ger and the curls pop like our winner Lolade did but people like me can’t achieve that, we must do the bantu, twists etc before we achieve any curl on our strand so this is what i mean by studying our hair,

I will also advice that you don’t just go straight to big chop your hair without understanding the fundamentals so that you don’t get easily frustrated.

Welcome to the natural hair journey experience, am enjoying every bit of it!

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  1. onoshoze lawrence says:

    tanx so much NHB. am lucky to b here. my natural hair is almost a yr. can i do d deep conditioning

  2. Busayo says:

    Thanks NHB, I av left my hair for five months now, it has started giving me headache, although I avnt done anything watsoever to it other than washing it and plaiting it…pls advice on wat to do, should I start the deep conditioning too?

    • admin says:

      Yes, Busayo start deep conditioning your hair and get your spritz bottle, also read through the FAQ page to understand more.

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