Cleaning Your Spray Bottle

As a woman with natural hair, the one item present in your stash is your spray bottle. It is like the one item that you must have for keeping your hair easily moisturized. There is no rule as to how many you should have. If you are not big on mixing oils in water then you can have a separate bottle for your oil mix.

Now we hardly ever talk about the processes you go through to keep it clean which is a no brainer of course you do get it cleaned after a few uses.

Someone asked me once how I keep my bottles clean and I pretty much wing it when it comes to caring for my bottles. They are a dime a dozen where I stay so if I get bored with one I simply toss it out…er yes of course I recycle duh!!

I would basically pour in liquid soap, mix that with hot water, shake and let it sit for a few hours and that´s it.

But out of sheer curiousity I strolled on to eHow (the best diy site for moi) and I read a few tips regarding spray bottles. Turns out I have been doing it the not so good way. Well I just needed to spiff it up a bit.

So below is what I found useful:

–Take out the nozzle, rinse out inside the bottle with warm water.

–Pour in White Vinegar half way then replace nozzle, shake thoroughly so the vinegar moves around the inside of the spray bottle. Let it sit in for 10 mins

–Spray out the vinegar into a sink(as if you are using it like you usually would) this helps the vinegar pass through the straw and out of the hole.

–Empty out the rest of the vinegar not forgetting to rinse your sink too. Rinse the insides of the bottle one more time.

–Fill your sink with warm water and liquid soap. Separate and soak all the parts of your bottle inside the soapy water for 10-15 mins.

–Remove the bottle and all the other parts from the soapy water. Rinse all pieces thoroughly. Let them all air dry before you connect them together for a new use.

Are you guilty of not keeping your bottles clean? Any funny spray bottle story?  Let´s have some good laughs people!!!

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