Why go natural?

There are so many benefits attached to going the natural way with our hair.


Our Natural Hair is Healthier

It is no news that natural hair is stronger, more nutrient-rich, with less and even tends to grows faster than relaxed hair. Relaxers end up frying the hair and and the end cause damage to the roots, which can lead to alopecia (baldness),  hair breakage, scalp irritation, stunted hair growth, and even permanent hair loss.

According to a Research conducted in February 1994 by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Cancer Society, it was discovered that Black women who had not used permanent hair relaxers showed decreased risk of all fatal cancers combined and urinary system cancers.


Different Styling Options

A natural woman does not feel like she has to be trapped wearing one style. The great thing is, as natural Black hair grows, there are different style choices with each inch gained.

I like the fact that i can wear different styles with my own hair even everyday. The Afro chic may not have have such opportunity but as soon as they attain about 3inches or more, their style choice would increase, that includes twists and coils

With our natural hair, we don’t need the chemicals to wear different hair styles, we can braid, rock an Afro, or keep it kinky!


Embracing our Natural Hair Can Help Black People Regain Control of The Black Hair Care Industry

The natural hair care movement would make way for black and African entrepreneurs get hold of the hair care industry as most of the relaxer and weaves products come from countries like India, Asia, Brazil, Mongolia and Malaysia.



By this, i mean freedom from the burning pains of relaxer application or worrying if you remembered to take your umbrella along when it starts raining suddenly. No matter the severity of down pour, you just get home and your hair dries up without hazzles unlike when you are relaxed.


Some ladies who are still sitting in the fence whether to fully embrace their natural hair or not have these battling in their minds-

Some say they don’t have a good texture, you just have to embrace whatever grows out of your hair and besides, with proper care and attention a once thick and coarse hair could succumb and become softer and manageable.


Excuses!  Excuses !  Excuses!

I don’t have a good texture, i don’t have a good head shape, natural hair styling is time consuming, i don’t have all my relaxed hair is easier to manage bla bla!

We have to stop giving those excuses ladies! Unfortunately society has made us believe our natural hair is all crap and so we should try by all means to suppress it with weaves, and relaxers ; making money for the manufactures while our pockets go dry!

Ladies let’s wake up to this call, let’s wake up to reality, Our African hair is our identity, it’s our heritage, it’s our pride, it’s simply the best!

Embrace it!

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  1. kemmy says:

    Nice one….but how do I start or rather how do you change from having a relaxed hair to natural? do I have to cut my hair?

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