We have more free form natural members than others but today´s post is all about the dread locs. I went on a rampage looking for tips on how to care for dreadlocs and found this easy peasy tips online(Inspired Locs). So read on and enjoy…

Locs are believed to have originated from Jamaica with the Rastafarians for both religious and bold statements of defiance. Think Bob Marley or Ras Kimono, Timaya(I think he has locs too) and our home girl Dakore. Lol. Over the years it became more of a statement than Religion for the most part. The idea behind going back to your roots be it locs or free form hair has been seen as redefining yourself without the unwritten standards of the rest of the world…Hollywood inclusive here lmao!!

Ok so you have locs and you of course want to maintain it? Read on…

SHAMPOO; Shampoo as normal, lather rub massage scalp rinse….like normal. It will not disturb your locs.

OIL/MOISTURIZE; This ofcourse is not mandatory as some people just wash and go more often than oil massage. You can either oil after wash or in between. Simply apply your oil from root to tip on your scalp and your strands.

TIGHTENING; Of course locs grow duh!!! What you want to do is retighten the root. Wash and dry your hair,  then gently separate loc strands that have closed in together. Next you want to apply your twisting cream down the lenght of your locs. Then place loc in the palms of your hands and twist using a rolling method between your palms in one direction, putting more work in the root as per the new growth.  There are quite a few methods of retightening and some people just rather go to the Salon and have a professional get it done. As time goes on we will update more methods of retightening locs.

Lastly, you should know it is not mandatory to wash your hair before retightening. If you have washed previously, all you need do is wet your hair using your spray bottle containing water before applying your loc cream.

On a side note I will add that if you find that you left your locs in too long before retightening, do not panic if they twine together.  All you need do is gently separate them. If separating doesn´t work then you have the choice to either leave it alone or take a scissors and lightly snip off the smallest end of the joined loc where it starts to separate.

Are you Loced? How has your journey been? Do let us know in the comment section.

Enjoy Your Journey!!

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  1. Fatima says:

    I quite appreciate this post but my challenge is that after twisting strands of my locs to re tighten it, it still get to loose in some days as I am nw my locs has really under grown. Need an advice please

    • Ekwysco says:

      well i think that if you havent quite gotten the hang of retwisting, try YouTube Videos for better help, watch as often as you can and in a short while you will be doing it nicely.

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