Tope’s Testimony

I finally succeeded at connecting with my hair and I tell you it felt so good that I slept through the process of getting my hair done + my hairdresser was happier too. She kept asking “what did you do?” While I kept smiling. Thanks for making it a lot easier NHB!



So, I decided to have an affair, I decided to change my relationship status to “in a committed relationship”, I made up my mind to be nice, respect, spend quality time and money. It was a tough choice to make considering that I have not much time nor much money not to say patience… but I didn’t give up. I dedicated and still dedicating time, energy and finance to get the kind of love I wanted….the outcome? It has been amazing! People see us and they admire us and most won’t even stop at admiring from a distance. Many walk up to us to tell me how cute , healthy and happy we look together and all i do is say thank you. I look at myself sometimes and marvel at how much I have been missing out on the love I would have been receiving had I made this kind of commitment and dedication pact long ago.
Just like my relationship with my hair, I realized that any relationship can be mended regardless of how broken it may appear. … get the right counsel (thank you NHB for that),stay committed and dedicated and you will be surprised at the end result.
I am not done yet because I know more can be achieved. Learning about and Falling in love with my Nigerian hair on a daily basis! Thank you NHB, you made this journey easy.

Tope Odumade

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