Some one once asked on our Facebook page what yarn was all about and I figured hey a blog about it will be totally cool. Now i did have yarn installed once. Was my first time doing it myself and I had them really Long and Micro. Well they lasted only 17 days and I was sad to take them down. but I acquired a love for yarn after searching the web for good tips. Did I try a second time? Of course. I had just washed my hair a week ago so decided to do a cowash….was my first time doing cowash and I sort of loved it but maybe my hair did not cos it was all over the place….hmmm not to side track let us leave that for another day beauties!!!

Back to yarns!! I went with Jumbo and at exactly 10pm I began and was loving the look I was seeing.  My legs started to fall asleep so at 3pm I shut down and continued the next day.

So this is what i did…each section I cut out, I added my whipped shea butter(here the hair was still damp) and applied from ends to scalp. Next day it had dried a bit so i sprayed water first then my shea butter. For the ends I took a lighter to burn off so they don´t come undone(oh look, I used a Robbie Williams song here!!! lol)

I will be sharing later on how I  cared for them the weeks I had them on.

So anyways I´m going to be listing a few tips you should be aware of when thinking of making yarn as a protective style.

Yarn is actually quite beneficial to afro hair as it helps with moisture. The softness of its fabric wraps around your hair so nicely and did I mention it helps with moisture???

1) When you have on yarn braids never use oils or butter because the build up between your strands will be total chaos. Stick with a water based spritz

2) Washing hair while on yarn is not a bad thing at all just opt for shampoo/duduosun liquid shampoo or anyone you use(sulphate free of course duh) rather than cowashing

3) Don´t neglect your edges while on yarn. Continue your regular maintenance…of course it changes as per the no oils or butter up keep!!

4) Most importantly always go for 100% acrylic yarn. Anything else will just dry out your hair and kill the whole idea behind protective Styling.

5) If you would rather not wash the wool as this can cause it to smell if not cared for properly, try using dry shampoo for your scalp or figure out a cleansing method that keeps your scalp clean as we all know a healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

Whatever way you choose to maintain it depends on you. It takes a long time to dry so if you have a 9-5 job you should stick to Weekends or set a day for it.

Yarn has been around for quite some time as you well know. I think my first faux loc was in University. I was 19 and I didn´t sleep properly for a week. They hurt so much I was going crazy but a week later it cooled down and I rocked it proudly. Yeah, no I didn´t try it ever again until early this year. You can choose the color of your hair or for funk , add bright/bold colors. Since I´m not able to dye my hair i will definitely be using red yarn and hmmm maybe blue perhaps?? And best of all it is way cheaper  and very light on your head.

Have you had yarns done? Do let us know in the comment section.

Enjoy Your Journey!


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  1. Somto says:

    Interesting article. I threaded with yarn while I was an undergraduate but it hurt so much that I never thought of using yarn on my hair again. I might try it soon.

    • Ekwysco says:

      Hey Somto I know what you mean. I too had on yarn while in School and it hurt like hell. But the post helps you understand how best to proceed when using yarn or thinking about it. I have mine in now for three maybe four days and they do not hurt at all. Hope you try it out again and do let us kow how you managed it.

  2. Ruthelle Dzifa says:

    Thanks so much. will so try DIY yarn twist sometime soon!!

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