How to Dye Your Hair Naturally

Most hair dyes in the stores are chemical based and using them is dangerous to health but all thanks to natural hair practice, today, we can dye or color our hair to different shades with out fear of adverse effects as is with the chemical store bought products.

Henna is a natural hair dye that even comes with a lot of benefits for hair. It is also one of the ingredients that is used for a lot of beauty reasons. Henna has been one of the best hair care ingredients available to us. Since ancient times, henna has been used as a hair dye.

However, it would be interesting to know that henna has numerous other hair benefits. Apart from coloring your hair, henna is also good for treating other hair problems. If applied on the hair, henna helps strengthen the hair, nourishes the scalp and softens the hair.

Henna is often applied to treat the most common hair problem, dry and frizzy hair. Henna also benefits the hair as it prevents dandruff. This makes it a popular hair care remedy for several conditions.

Most importantly, henna is good for hair care as it fights hair loss. Hair loss is the most common hair problem which doesn’t seem to go easily. However, applying henna will definitely show good results.

You need to know the right tricks for applying henna. Ideally, henna is soaked in boiled tea liquor. It is often added with yogurt for deep conditioning and coffee powder or indigo for hair coloring. It all depends on the ingredients you need for treating hair problems. If you have dandruff, you can also add some lemon juice in the henna hair pack. You need to apply henna paste on oiled hair.

This prevents the hair from tangling after the hair dries and is rinsed. Leave the henna for 30-45 minutes after application. You can also add a few drops of olive oil to make a natural hair conditioner.

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  1. farida says:

    can I use henna just to colour my hair..I dont hv any hair issues bt Iv alwaya loved red hair..im in transition

  2. Ngusen says:

    Thanks for the write up on dyeing hair. I have actually been looking for a natural hair dye. Can you please send step by step approach for a DIY henna application? Also, if I want a wine coloured effect, what can I do? I have always thot henna only produces a black dye. TIA!

  3. Okeke charity says:

    where can l get one(henna)

  4. rita Obileke says:

    pls I would like to know if this henna u talk about is what the hausa’s (northern nigeria) call laale? they also use it to colour their nails.

  5. Loveth says:

    Thanks for the post. Please I really don’t know what henna is. How can one get it. Is it sold in supermarkets, shops or open markets?

  6. Please,can l get henna in the open markets or supermarkets?

  7. Sonia says:

    Pls wat does henna looks like ?, is it sold in d open market, nd wat is d local name 4 it ? Im based in Benin, ordering it might not b easy 4 me. Tanxx.

    • Ekwysco says:

      Hello Sonia. We have a post up about henna and a photo. Please look that up for better clarity. Will definitely look up the local Name for you as soon as I can. Meanwhile you can send an email to order@naturalhairville.com for inquires about out of state delivery.

  8. obedience says:

    I need what to do to my hair to make it look like normal hair,whenever I visit saloon I get ashamed of myself…. even my stylist has no solution to my hair, instead d keep making me feel guilty. thanks Ma

    • Ekwysco says:

      thats really mean of the Salon. more often in Nigeria, the stylists in the Salons will not work with your hair if they do not like how it Looks. this for me shows how unprofessional they are and when you work in a place where you are bound to see different hair types and you are not willing to find a solution then you have no business helping People if you only choose who to help. now i do not know what you mean by normal. can you ask me a more direct question and i will try my best to help. however, do not ever give anyone the Chance to make you feel the way you do not want to feel. tell me how your hair is, what state it is in and what you really want to achieve

  9. Blessing says:

    Pls can u giv more xplanatn on hw 2 use henna 2 darken hair. My mum’s hair is completly whit nw due 2 d effect of other chemical dye she has used nd she says dat d grey hair scratches her alot. Pls i need a step by step procedure on hw she can apply henna on hair as a dye

  10. juliet chinyere says:

    thanks for ur help to ladies. pls i need help my front is chopping off seriously? hw can i get ur henna and other products to keep my hair heathy.

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