Tips to Stop Receding Hairline

This is one of the major problems we face with our hair and due to this frustration, many ladies hide their hair in weave-on, Ghana weaving, million braids etc but these will not help matters it rather worsens it.

It’s best to care for your hair. So that even if tomorrow there’s no more weave-on in the market, you can proudly flaunt your God given hair. So due to the series of complaints about receding hairline I think it’s high time we talked about it.

So what causes receding hairline? Chemicals, like relaxer, sulphate filled shampoos and conditioners etc then tight braids, weave-on etc now what can we do to stop it?

1, Get rid of that cotton pillow case- when you look closely at your cotton pillow case, you’ll notice that the way the threads are been knotted together and forming bubbles is also the way your hairline is been knotted and pulling off.

Silk bedding, a way to pamper yourself doubles as a preventing idea. Using a satin or silk pillow case is thought to prevent loss due to the fact that a silk or satin pillow case will cause less friction while sleeping than a cotton or flannel pillowcase.

This happens most times because the head and the hair slide across the pillow instead of needing to be forcefully pushed across just like the cotton.

Bottom line: get a silk pillow case, silk scarf or silk hair bonnet.

If you can’t find silk bedding you can have your sleep pillow, buy a silk throw pillow and use a removal cover for wash ease.

We started this series with sleeping with satin bedding/pillow. How many of us use them? Or have purchased for those who never had it? And if you tried it how did it feel? Soothing? Cool? How was your first night using a satin pillow? For me, I simply love the smooth feel on my skin! If you have not tried it, go get yours today.

Now over to our next point on tips to stop receding hairline-

MASSAGING- The importance of massage in correcting receding hairline cannot be overemphasized. Constant massaging of the affected area will do the trick because when you massage, it stimulates the hair follicles and aids in blood circulation thereby causing the hair to grow back. You can massage with castor oil but always remember:with oils, less is more. So a little drop will do.

3, AVOID TUGGING AND PULLING- You should avoid making hair styles that will tug and pull at your hair line. Because this causes your hair to pull out as you loosen it.

4, Stop using Hard brushes on your hairline- It’s a common longing for us to have our hair line as sleek and stretched as possible but in doing this we should be careful to look out for brushes with soft bristles because the strong ones will pull out your hair while trying to achieve that look. If you can’t find a soft one you rather use a tooth brush.

5, Finally massage with Castor oil or hemp seed oil, these oils work great when it comes to growing back receding hairline. There are other natural hair products that also help restore receding front hairline as well as the whole hair.


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  1. drucie says:

    My friends hair is very thin and looks to be falling out what natural vitamins or hair products can she use?

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