Aloe Vera Juice for Hair: Benefits and Using Guide

Nature provides almost everything that people need to maintain good health and beauty. One of the best sources of nutrients naturally available is aloe vera, especially for hair treatment. It can be regarded as an all-in-one solution for hair problems such as dandruff, dryness, etc. Below you will find benefits and how to use aloe vera juice for hair.

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits for Hair

1. Moisturizing hair

Without proper hair treatment, you may experience hair fall, dryness, and other damages. With such condition, natural hair treatment solution is the best possible formula to restore hair condition. A good example is aloe vera juice, which is known for its ability to provide proper hydration and moisture for hair strands. Aloe vera juice can be used as hair conditioner, too.

2. Prevents hair loss

commercial aloe viera juiceRegardless of the causes, hair loss is an embarrassing and worrying problem for both man and woman. Hair loss prevention is one of the best benefits of aloe vera juice for hair. In the market, you can find numerous hair treatment products such as shampoo and conditioner that use aloe vera as the main ingredient.

3. Prevents oily hair

When mixed with the proper substance, such as lemon juice, aloe vera acts as an astringent that will remove excess of oil. Apply the mixture directly to the hair, and then leave it for some minutes. In the mean time, mix a few drops of aloe vera juice with a shampoo. Use the shampoo to wash the hair thoroughly.

4. Reduces dandruff

Other great benefits of aloe vera juice for hair are removing dandruff and treating seborrhea. Dandruff usually appears accompanying hair loss problem. In fact, you need to handle the dandruff problem, so you can prevent further hair loss. To get rid of dandruff, simply apply aloe vera juice to the scalp and then leave it for 30 minutes before washing it.

Seborrhea is a problem triggered by excessive sebum produced by sebaceous glands. In many cases, this oil-like substance can mix easily with dirt and dust, which will finally create crusts on scalp. In other words, seborrhea causes hair loss. Aloe vera can help to handle the hair loss problem, but it is recommended that you consult doctor for complete seborrhea treatment.

5. Maintains the pH level of the hair and scalp

Natural pH level of hair and scalp is 4 – 4.5, while aloe vera’s pH level is 4.5 – 5.5. Therefore, the plant can be used to restore hair and scalp to its natural condition without using additional chemical substances. A proper pH level will help the hair to maintain its ability to retain moisture.

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    pls wr cn i get ur products in ibadan

  2. Hello,
    I love your site. I’m in the process of transitioning, my hair grows fairly well but i had to resort to texturizing cos i have class 4c hair. I’m tired of texturizing cos it leaves my hair so brittle and dry with resultant massive hair loss which forces me to cut and re-grow at least once a year. I’m looking for a way to stay natural so as so retain length but at the same time tame my seriously hard stubborn hair so that it’s easy to manage. Also I’m graying early i think it’s due to the texturizing so i need to order natural henna and all the yab hair oils n other products you recommended on ur site. I started actively growing my 3+ year old daughters hair when she turned 2, i scraped off what she had before due to painful boils she got as a result of trying to plait her tough wiry hair.she has my type of hair, i had to resort to kids texturizers which has helped in that it’s easier to manage, however though it’s now 8 inches long, it’s thinning so i also want to transition her back to natural hair. Please i need tips on how i can transition her and also keep her hair soft and manageable . Thanks alot. Dr Nkiru Adibuah

  3. obedience says:

    can I use it on a hair that is not natutal

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