Protective Styles

If you’ve you have been associated with the natural hair world you probably would have heard about protective styles.  What are protective styles? Protective styles are hair styles you wear that protect the hair from wind, air, and other things that affect the overall health of the hair. Examples of protective styles are braids, twists, con rows, Bantu knots,buns etc.  Protective styles help in hair growth and equally gives strength to hair.

1. Low Maintenance

Black hair requires not much manipulation, the less you do to it, the more it grows, just look out for those styles that suit your hair and learn how to do them well and you are good to go!


2. Saves Time

The the upward mobile ladies like me, who have less time to care for their hair you definitely can’t do without protective styles. Protective styles keeps you away from the Salon if you are the type that visits one. It saves you enough time as you only wake up moisturize, seal and off you go. Once you braid and twist you need not to do much to them just the occasional spritzing in the day with water and natural oils then make sure you secure your hair at night with a satin cap after another round of moisturizing and sealing.

3, Makes Hair Soft

If you’ve ever worn your hair up in a protective style and take it off, you’ll notice how it makes your hair softer especially if you were spritzing with water when it was up.

4, Growth Retention

Most people go for protective styles in order to retain growth.  Forget the myth-that black hair doesn’t grow, it certainly does. However, it can also break off and shed at a high rate because the tips could catch on cotton pillow cases, car seats, fabrics etc. When hair constantly breaks off this way, its very difficult to retain growth. So it’s important to have them tucked in protective styles once in a while.

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  1. Loveth says:

    Please I want to know if dread-locks are part of protective styles. What’s your take in dread-locking natural hair?

  2. ada ejeh says:

    Pls hw do I like ur page. I wish to be part of this beautiful growp

  3. Kemi says:

    I’m interested in your take on dreadlocks, I was really considering this option when I got tired of my hair disappointing me!

    • Ekwysco says:

      Hey kemi. Sorry you feel that way about your free form hair.we have a lot of tips about making your journey easy. Patience is really a good trait when growing your hair. If you still feel disappointed after going thru every tip then let us know.

  4. Linda says:

    pls does protective styles includes branding with attachment and fixing of weavon

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