Inspired beauty Product Range

So many products abound in the market space today but it is important to note the ones that blend with your hair texture and stick to them.

I am excited to write about one of the very good natural hair products have tried in recent times.
It’s the INSPIRED BEAUTY PRODUCT RANGE, from Inspired beauty, Los angeles,USA.

One thing i love about this range is the garden smell, you can feel its closeness to nature. So many brands out there try to convince their potential customers that they are purely natural while they are not.

I simply love this range for it’s naturalness.



The Jamaican Rhassoul conditioning hair mask.

Gentle all natural and organic Moroccan Rhassoul Clay is blended with silk, honey, jojoba oil, and hair benefiting herbs such as hibiscus (Jamaica), marshmallow root, to remove product buildup while conditioning your strands. An excellent addition to your ‘No Poo’ regimen.
This made my hair so light, shinny and free of build up that i could literally hear it breathe. Just like its name, its a conditioning hair mask that did my 4c good. I will use it again.

Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner

As we all know, a PH balanced hair is stronger, healthier, and less prone to split ends and dandruff. Pure Moisture pH Restoring Leave-In Conditioner is pH balanced and oil free. It leaves my hair soft, manageable. This blend is designed to strengthen weak, brittle, and dry strands as well as promote sheen/shine/gloss in your hair. I use it on my twist too and loving it!
Most importantly,I love the cool feeling on my scalp after i appling it.

Sweet tea

Sweet tea

Sweet tea moisture spray
With the nice scent of warm vanilla spice. Made from Certified Organic ingredients specially blended to support beautiful healthy hair including Silk Amino Acids for strength and shine.
It helped my hair when i forgot to take my spritz bottle along in my journey. It refreshed and revitalized my hair. After only a single use my tresses felt softer, and moisturized.

a href=”http://naturalhairville.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/babassu-best.jpg”>babassu best

Babassu Bliss

A thick and creamy water-based moisturizer. it left my hair feeling silky and hydrated. Can be used daily on all types of hair. Highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. Lightly scented too.

Its a styling cream for Twists, puffs, braids, coils, bantus, and more…all you need to get soft, moisturized, silky, blissful hair.

If you can try them and lets know how it feels. For me, i will use them again!

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