Tips to getting super soft natural hair(Part 2)

In this part two of the topic at hand, i will go straight to showing you a mixture for softening natural hair. Most of you know about it, it’s the Crisco you use in baking and frying your chicken.

Crisco contains fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. This simply means that what used to be a liquid oil has gone through a chemical process and has solidified at room temperature.

This process makes the chemical structure of a liquid oil more like that of fats for making candles and soaps. You can use it alone on natural hair (and even skin) or used as a base for a homemade hair product mix.

When a Crisco mixed product is applied to wet natural hair, it smooths and conditions hair. You can use Crisco to seal moisture into hair after moisturizing.

It can also be used to give definition for a braid-out, twist-out or finger coil hairstyle. Not only will your hair have sheen and feel soft, but Crisco gives your mix a good amount of hold for stretching purposes. This is especially beneficial to ladies whose hair types shrinks up to 75% of their full length.

Getting this mixture right, your hair will thank you for it.

crisco fliker

PROCESS-Take two tablespoons of Crisco (for medium sized hair, double for longer hair).

3Spoons of Vo5 Conditioner

1 spoon of vegetable glycerine &

1 teaspoon of Olive oil

Mix all, apply on your hair, cover for 20-30mins and rinse with warm water.

You can also apply on dry hair.


You should be cautious to maintain the soft texture acquired eg make sure you sleep with a satin cap on to trap in the moisture from the process also observe other practices that would ensure your hair remain healthy and well maintained eg GHE, clarifying the scalp, tea rinse, etc we shall be discussing them as we proceed in this series.

Please note

This might not work for everyone as our hair types differ but try it out and let us know how your hair felt.

Crisco can be bought in Grocery stores, big supermarkets like Shop rite etc.

In another post i shall let you know how to use Crisco in another recipe/procedure to get a curling cream just like the curls i have in my photo here.

Curls that last. Soft natural hair with deep and wavy curls.

Curls that last. Soft natural hair with deep and wavy curls.

Crisco photo credit- www.gamespot.com

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