“Afro is not for me” by Karen Davies

Popularly known as Lioness Davies, Karen shares with us her life and thoughts.
Half Sierra leonnean and half Jaimaican Lioness opens up to us how she came about her unique name Lioness, her beautiful fro, her family and other things you would love to know about her.

“Afro is not for me”
That was a sentence I used quite frequently when I was about six months into my
natural hair journey. I was so frustrated with my hair and I didn’t want to continue
my journey.


I had absolutely no knowledge at all about it and I wasn’t interested in getting to
know my hair either, even though I had decided to start my journey, not because I
didn’t want to but because I thought that the meaning of going natural was just
“going natural” and that my hair would be fine if I just washed and conditioned it
once a week.

Things did change though and I haven’t repeated those harsh words in about three
years. I am just like you, I am somebody’s mother, somebody’s daughter and I am a
black woman who has decided to go back to natural.

My name is Karen “Lioness” Davis and I am a blogger, youtuber and a hair fanatic. I
started blogging about six years ago and today I blog at: lionesses.blogg.se. I
come from a family company that sold afro hair services to women of colour in
Stockholm, Sweden. My mother is from Sierra Leone and my Father is Jamaican, so I
consider myself both but also Swedish since I’ve been here almost 17 years.

My blogger and youtube name Lioness Davis come from my heritage due to Sierra Leone
meaning Lion Mountain and the Lion of Judah is a very important figure in
Rastafarian culture in Jamaica. I also reached a very critical point in my life at
the age of 23 where I had to basically leave everything I had ever know as “my life”
behind me.

So I chose Lioness Davis for all these three reasons but mostly because I
admire the female lion, she is strong, she is a provider, she is focused with her
eye on prize (in her case an antilop or zebra haha) but no matter the goal she gets



My passion for blogging grew from our family company, I saw it as a fun way to
answer peoples questions about what hair I was wearing, who did my hair and I mixed
it with personal thoughts and everyday activities. Growing up with my mother I
wasn’t allowed to perm my hair until I was 16, so you can probably imagine how happy
I was at 16.

I permed my hair every third month until I was about 23 years old, you
are probably thinking “what changed?”, well I came to a point where I just had to
stop because my hair was breaking really bad. So a family friend introduced me to
this natural hair world…

And that takes us to the reason why I am here and featured on naturalhairville.com I
am here to share my story with you. From beginning to today. I have been through
what you are going through or maybe will soon go through. But hopefully by sharing
my story, it will be easier for you, cheaper for you and most of all, you can reach
your personal hair goals.

I will be sharing my Natural hair journey videos here and I would love for you to
give me any kind of feedback or ask any kind of questions that you need help with
and if I can answer them I will. Or if you want me to make a video about a certain
subject just let me know.

My first video is about how I was introduced to the natural hair world ; My
thoughts, my fears, my style of choice, my preparation and more.
My natural hair journey will be a series of episodes so please continue to check for
the other upcoming videos to get the full story.
Grab a cup of tea and press play.

WIth Love ,
Lioness Davis

You can find Lioness here-

Instagram: Lioness_Davis
Youtube: Lioness Davis
Blog: www.lionesses.blogg.se
Facebook: Many colours of a black woman

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