My Hair Story- Damy Lola

When I was about 10 years old and had just finished elementary school (aka primary school); a friend of mine, cut her hair off and was feeling very self conscious about it. So , since we would be attending the same secondary school; I didn’t want her to feel alone and decided to cut off my hair too.

Through out my secondary school, I didn’t grow my hair out and just cut it off every 3 to 4 four months, for 6 years. After my final sec. exams, I finally started growing my hair out, my last cut being March 2014. I was just going about doing my hair as usual – no proper hate care. There were times I went days without combing my hair because I was too lazy and the hair was too hard to begin with, I’d just tie scarf on it or just wear a wig then I got worried that my hair would lock if I went on not combing it. So I goggled ” not combing African hair” and so many articles were opened on the search engine and the first one was basically telling me you’re not supposed to comb black hair everyday.

That was the beginning of everything. I did all the research I possibly could and found out that black hair can actually grow past the shoulders ,I was so enchanted by the beautiful pictures of ladies with long Black hair. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually go natural. I tried to texlax my hair once. Two words Epic Fail. I was so disappointed when my hair wasn’t texlaxed and said to myself I’ll wait a few months before I try again (at this point my hair is about 2 inches long , August 2014) but those ‘months’ never came. As the month rolled by I fell more and more with my natural hair and by October ,I had made up my mind . I love being natural, relaxers are not for me, not anymore.

I’ve faced a lot of skeptics , telling me ‘oh when are you going to relax your hair’ ‘ isn’t it painful, why don’t you relax it’ . I’ve learnt to love myself just the way I am and I refuse to fall prey to the distorted view of society’s standard or idea of beauty . That’s one of the things being natural has taught me . Love Yourself and never look for validation from people or society because they’ll never give it to me. It took time for me to accept these kinks but I’ve made it!

Nice one Damy, keep it up.

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