Joy’s testimony

Dear NHB, I have been following this group for a while and never felt the need to say or put up anything until now. I was in the NHB first year anniversary that took place at Friend’s Club, Silver bird Galleria. Maybe some of you will remember me as the only woman wearing a weave that day. Well.. I remember coming up to introduce myself and I said I was transitioning but I don’t think anyone believed me, which is not surprising. But what u don’t know is my “hair mentality” changed that day and I want to say thank u. Since that day, I have been carrying my natural hair to work and my colleagues are surprised, couple of them don’t understand but my action is inspiring older women plus some young ones to be natural and stay natural. I am reading articles on the page and using it to educate others around me as well as myself. I am not sure what my hair type is yet, but I have been trying new ways of finding out. This has been one of the best decisions of my life and i am glad I met you all ‘natural sistas’ as I now have the confidence to rock what God gave me and be beautiful, inside out. Thank you.
Hair diary….


Joy Ebagbelu

Lagos, Nigeria.

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