Hair regimen or Hair routine is simply a way we follow to care for our hair,its a must have for every natural hair diva with the intention of achieving a healthy natural hair.
Hair care regimen doesn’t need to be massive or expensive,SIMPLICITY is the key. Its important to know that healthy hair/growth doesn’t just happen overnight,its usually as a result of patience and judicious hair care.
Below are the guide lines that will help you create a healthy regimen:
The number one basic step to creating a regimen is understanding your hair type,Porosity,Density,Elasticity and Texture(will later put up a post on how to know ur hair type,porosity,density,eascticity and texture)
Carefully choosing you hair care products is of great importance.its either you go for DIY hair care products or you opt for store bought products.When going for store products,below are certain ingredients you must watch out for and avoid;
-Sodium laurel/Laurly sulfate/SLS/SLES
-Mineral oil
-Petrolatum/Petroluem jelly
-FD & C color pigments
-Imidazolidinyl Urea
-DMDM Hydantoin
-Propylene Glycol
-Isopropyl Alcohol

Weekly wash with either shampoo(shamwash) or conditioner(Cowash)
i)Shampoo:Finding a good sulfate free and moisturizing shampoo goes along waay to help your hair or you can opt for a DIY shampoo.Washing your hair with shampoo could be done weekly or once in a month depending on ur hair type and lifestyle and to this regards,u might wanna try alternating it with a cowash. Examples of store-bought sulfate free shampoos:Creme of Nature argan oil shampoo,Sheamoisture shampoo etc
ii)Instant Conditioner:A paraben free conditioner is best suitable for our natural hair.The instant conditioner can be used as a weekly cowash depending on ur hair type and life style while alternating it with a shamwash.Examples of store bought heathy conditioners are crème of nature argan oil conditioner,VO5,sheamoisture conditioner etc
Deep Conditioning Treatment comes in after hair wash on damp hair. DC like a life giver to the hair,supporting the hair system while it replenishes and puts moist back into the hair cos our natural hair is ordinarily prone to dryness. Deep conditioning strengthens the hair roots,makes our hair more manageable,prevents breakage,split ends,dandruff,itchy scalp and dullness of hair.Its absolutely one treatment no hair should overlook.
i)Moisturizing dc(weekly basis)
ii)Protein dc(once in month)
iii)Hydrolysed Protein dc(for transitioning and high porosity high hair types-Twice or once a month..Hydrolysed Protein dc recipes will be coming up soon)
iv)Hard protein dc
v)Hot oil treatment(A must do for all hair types,atleast 2x a month)

Leave-in conditioners plays an important role in keeping the hair intact after treatments as well as on daily basis. Enriching your hair after a deep treatment with leave-in conditioner is a considerably factor,however its important u go for a good leave-in conditioner that is more of water/liquid based and to this regards,u will need to make do with a sealer oil(like castor oil,olive oil) or cream(like shea or cocobutter) to help seal in the moist and futher protects ur hair from drying out.Leave-in conditioners is a daily affair especially the spritz and no regimen or hair care is complete without it.
Note;Leave-in conditioners as the name implies is never to be rinsed or wash out after application.

When going for protective stlyes,ensure u make do with what your hair/scalp would be comfortable with.If you feel pains or servere pressure on your scalp in the course of making your PS,pls dont proceed futhur.The hair follicles weakens when excess pressure is put on it which often times results in severe hair breakage and traction alopecia in most cases. Above all,ensure ur hair is treated right while on PS and a long time wear of PS is not advised.
Avoid an excess manipulation/combing of ur hair(Very important) and avoid combing hair when dry.

Ensure you properly moisturize ur hair and cover with a gud silk or stain scarf before going bed or better still sleep on a satin/silk pillow case.
Also in the morning when wake up,gently massage your scalp for atleast 2mins

1.Widetooth comb
2.Spray bottle
3.Plastic Cap/nylon bag
4.Measuring spoons
5.Mini bowel for ur DC mix
6.Satin/silk/bonnet cap
7.Soft clean towel or clean old T-shirt

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  1. Maame Afua Nyame-Kyeh says:

    Thank you so much, this is great. Good to Know there is a place I can count on for advice. Will have had Natural hair for 10years in August. Been challenging to do so when all my mates from Senior High and family have permed hair, but currently, so many people have gone natural because of me. Thankfully I have a thick full head of hair wish though makes it heavy also makes it lustrous and enviable.
    And thanks for making me know the meaning of DC, PS, etc

  2. Dammy dolapo says:

    love this gr8 group

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