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Tips to getting super soft natural hair(Part 2)

In this part two of the topic at hand, i will go straight to showing you a mixture for softening natural hair. Most of you know about it, it’s the Crisco you use in baking and frying your chicken. Crisco contains fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. This simply means that what […]

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Tips to getting super soft natural hair (Part one)

I receive so many messages from Natural hair babes members asking for help on this topic so I thought I would start answering it as a post to get it well assimilated. So many naturals are concerned about the hardness of their hair. They want softer texture. The truth is, our hair can actually be […]

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Garlic for growing long and healthy natural hair

I remember when I was working at the Int airport, my Indian Boss always walked in smelling of raw garlic; how I hated moving close to him when he talked to me but today, i know better, he is wise. Did i ever imagine garlic as one good ingredient for growing long and healthy natural […]

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Hair loss especially at the front(hairline) can happen to anyone. It’s not a good sign when trying to grow healthy and long natural hair. The causes of hair loss varies from reckless handling of the hair, genetics to stress. Everyone loses approximately 100 hairs per day, but if you are losing much more than that, […]

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Deep Conditioning

DEEP CONDITIONING   Deep conditioning adds moisture back into the hair that is removed by daily activities and some styling products. This happens could happen as a result of wearing hats and scarves and during summer /hot weather from sun and wind. I discovered that the best way to replenish lost moisture is to do […]

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